Office lighting is one of the most important topics in your company design. Keep your team active and alert. With office lighting, it's important to make a balance between form and function. Keep in mind to make a space that is safe and comfortable to work in. This doesn't mean you need to do a lot of things with your decoration and style entirely. You can use the technique of layering light to make your office lighting plan.


Layering light is 3 basic types of lights you should put in your lighting plan.

General lighting

It is the base layer that provides a nice level of lighting throughout the office, lights make your team move around freely and finalize simple tasks. General light should not be bright to avoid harsh shadows, squinting, or headaches. keep it in the range of 60 lumens per m². use the LED panels, it's an effective way to create ambient lighting and keep your office’s energy consumption as low as possible.


Task lighting

when it comes to details or hard and focused work, the task lights are the most important layer. For getting the best lighting results use LED strips, desk or reading lamps at the workstation, office desks, or anywhere that your team working and doing tasks needs good lights for good visibility. And make sure your employees can control their own light source, and adjust their personal light to help them work more effectively and efficiently


Accent lighting

For a slightly more comfortable and friendly atmosphere and less stressful feelings, accent lighting can be layered in using track lights and hidden lamps to highlight some of the architectural details, artwork, new products, important signage, and other branding elements that are important to your business.


Make lighting work for your workers

Is it a creative space? Using warm, dim lighting helps foster creativity, and makes it bright enough that your team can light it up when they need it. Make sure the light bulb has a high color rendering index (CRI) for the best color accuracy.

For the break room where employees eat lunch and talk, install natural outdoor lights as closely as possible.

For your meeting room and presentations use warm directional lighting, keep the audience focused and attention at the front of the room. Don’t forget to use the dimmer switches to adjust lighting easily when presentations begin.

In the end, it's important to provide effective office lighting. keep your team comfortable to work better and be more creative

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