Who, what, and Why Ultra-light has a Strong Footprint in the Saudi Market?

Who we are:

Ultra-light is a private limited company that has been growing in its field since it launched in 1995. When the firm was introduced in the lighting industry of Saudi Arabia Riyadh, it caused a great demand of its items, due to the efficient high quality reasonable priced products, and the strong management contributions that gradually lead the firm to become one of the strongest in the market to date.

What we do:

The company is leading in retail and business to costumer sales through brick and mortar stores, visit our main branch in Riyadh to see the beauty of our work. We are exclusive in selling the best, finest and latest lighting products:

We provide outdoor & landscape lighting for streets, parks, stadiums, squares, and buildings sides.

We provide emergency lighting for buildings, centers, schools and large companies that need exits and instructions for emergency situations.

We provide interior lighting and smart lighting consisting of a wide variety of well-chosen items.

We provide a variety of multi-specification switches to be installed on internal and external walls.

We sell to:

House hold owners (existing and new customers)

Private businesses (Companies and projects)



Why are we the best in what we do? 

We care about our customer tastes and preferences, as a result, we strive to supply them with the best quality lighting spread across a wide range of products across the country of Saudi Arabia to satisfy the demand of the market.

We care about our brand reputation: henceforth, the company ensures to research and develop each item individually in detail to improve its aesthetic, quality, and performance.

We care about Saudi Arabia’s vision 2030 and work on growing the business with the growth of our beloved country and adapt accordingly.


And if you have any inquiries, we will assist you accordingly to suite your requests. do not feel hesitant to call us on 920014332

Or contact us on info@ultralightstores.com