Small Tips to Light Your Living Room.


The living room is one of the most important and used rooms in your house. We spent a lot of our time in this room. And we use it in different moods, from chilling and relaxing to gathering and hosting a party. So, we need the lights to be adaptive to all the moods.


In this blog, we will try to give you some best living room lighting ideas, but first to have to know the types of lighting and fixtures:

Types of Lighting

The most important goal of illuminating any area is to make it suitable for all different uses. So, before you start you have to know how you will use this room.

Take some small notes of how you will use it throughout the day and make the lights perfect in this time from the morning until night. Since the living room tends to be multi-purpose, you will need to make a multiple-light layer to maximize your living room lighting options. And make it able to be controlled and match your mood.

Ambient or general lighting provides an overall level of illumination throughout a room. Usually. This kind of light is provided by the first light switch you turn on when entering the room, it's the main light that stays on the longest, so it's the perfect place to make it LED for energy efficiency. To build the ambient light, try these lighting ideas:

  1. Create an even layer of ambient lighting in your living room, first use a large centralized ceiling fitting like a stylish chandelier or pendant, track, or recessed lamps.
  2. When using multiple sources and different layers of lights, place them out evenly to avoid creating bright pools and harsh shadows. Frosted glass fixtures can also help to Spread the light appropriately.
  3. If you use the living room for entertaining and relaxing, ambient will be the most important type of lighting. Use warm-colored, dimmable light bulbs to create a welcoming environment.

Task lighting creates a focusing bright light that allows you to easily see what you are looking at while helping to reduce eye strain. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you planning task lights in your living room:

    1. The adjustive lights with multiple levels of brightness and position are the most useful task light sources, such as reading or task lamps with dimming options. These lights keep you from getting stuck in a single lighting position and allow you to lower the light level at night.
    2. A bulb with a cooler correlated color temperature will serve you well and provide an active environment for your tasks.
    3. Place task lights at desks, tables used for work or hobbies, and beside favorite reading chairs. 

This type of light creates more visual interest and accentuates important corners of your living room. Use it to highlight artwork, architectural details like texture or antiques, and other important items you want to light. It can be used help you to decorate your room.

To get the best impact from these lights:

    1. Make it 3 to 5 times brighter than the ambient lighting in the room.
    2. Use rope lights or LED strips in display cases and on bookshelves to highlight a collection of items.
    3. And sometimes you can use lights to highlight the paint art by using special fixtures.

Fixtures & Layering

Now you know the light types, but it's important to layer them in at different levels to illuminate the room perfectly and create lots of options for your activities.

Keep the living room in your mind as 3 layers of lighting:

Top – it's the primary layer of the ambient lighting. The top level of the living room includes ceiling fixtures like recessed, track, and luxury chandelier lights. If you have decorative aspects in your ceiling that allow hidden LED strip lights, this level should be bright but dimmable lighting.

Middle – it's the ambient, decoration, and task lighting like sconces and pendant lights. This level can act as task lighting to highlight the details and the artwork. Lights placed in the middle level should be shielded with lampshades or fixture covers since they tend to be around eye level.

Bottom - Primarily though, the focus at this layer should be on task lighting. Floor and reading lamps are easy to rearrange and position, making them ideal for task lighting and adding personality to your living room lighting. And as it is the easiest access layer, this is the best place to try out trends.


In the end. You spend most of your time in it. Take your time in designing your lights plan, make it comfortable and calm.

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