What is a Light Bulb Base ? What Are the Different Types of Light Bulb Base
A lightbulb socket, light socket, lamp socket or lampholder is a device which mechanically supports and provides electrical connections for a compatible electric lamp. Sockets allow lamps to be safely and conveniently replaced (re-lamping).

Have you ever found yourself shopping for light bulbs but with no clue as to what will fit your fixture?.

It’s easy enough to look at the bulb that you need to replace and shop for a bulb with a similar looking base, but how will you know for sure if the bases are identical? For example, there are many different bulbs that are the same shape and even have similar looking bases, but those bases might be different sizes. You need to know the technical name for bulb bases.

There are dozens of base types for light bulbs, most of them made up of a series of letters and numbers. Decoding these is often no easy task for consumers and professionals.
Which Light Bulb Do I Need?
Use this handy guide to identify different types of light bulb bases that apply to incandescent, halogen, high-intensity discharge, fluorescent, and LED light bulbs

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